Raw Fluorite - Large

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These beautiful Raw Fluorite chunks are a larger size (approx. 3 oz.) compared to our basic raw fluorite pieces (about .5 oz). Each comes in a variety of green and purple shades. 

Fluorite removes all negativity. It is cleansing, purifying, and healing. It increases cognitive functions, is healing for ADHD and learning disorders. This stone aids in recovery of colds and sinusitis and may also benefit the teeth and bones. 

Purple Fluorite is excellent for meditation and connects to the Third Eye Chakra 

Green Fluorite is grounding, absorbs negative energy, and cleanses the chakras.

Each stone is sold individually.

Due to the nature of the product you can expect variation in coloring, shape, and size. Many of these stones come in a variety of green shades as well as purple shades. While its nice to receive a surprise of the "perfect" stones for you, should you be looking for specific coloring let us know and we'll try our best!