Good Chi Club Membership

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I am so glad to have you here to be part of the Good Chi Club! I created this community to share insight about my passion for helping people find balance through holistic design and Feng Shui, along with stones and other tools, to help create and amplify good energy in your life! I'm amazed at how the group has grown and evolved and what we've learned together this far, and I'm excited to share even more! 

Much of my time, energy, education, and care goes into planning themes and content for this group, and I love sharing it and seeing the positive changes happening for so many of you! This spring, I'm dedicated to offering even more specific information that you'll be able to implement into your life, as well as interviews, more great tips, giveaways, and of course, a lot of fun!

I genuinely hope you find value in your Good Chi Club Membership and the information shared here. If so, and you would like to contribute financially, there are three options below (paid and non-paid) you can select from for the chance to win a FREE Feng Shui Consultation that we'll be giving away to one of our members - be sure to add your email address to win!

$10 Option  - Love everything about the Good Chi Club!
$5 Option  - Love everything about the Good Chi Club but more comfortable giving $5 
Good Chi Option (FREE!) - Love everything about the Good Chi Club but can't support it financially right now. Send some good vibes!

Thanks always for your support of the Good Chi Club!