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Welcome to Good Chi!

Here at Good Chi our mission is to connect you to the most authentic you

Stones, Feng Shui and inspirational pieces allow us to utilize the cleansing powers of nature to rejuvenate your space.


My name is Lisa and I have had a passion for rocks and stones since I was a child.

For family vacations, we didn't go to Disney World. We went to national parks where we hiked and waded in streams.

I'd find the most special stones, put them in my pockets and carry them back home to my rock tumbler!

meet lisa and her family


To go along with my passion for rocks, I developed a passion for interior design that aligns with your space and energy. If you're curious about how to match that up with your crystals, check out my Feng Shui design at Pure Living with Lisa Morton.

Thank you for sharing some of your time with us today!

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