Good Chi Crystal Bracelets

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We're thrilled to have partnered again this year with the jewelry designers and makers of Emily Kai! 

Select from:

Matte Black Onyx - This lovely grounding stone will bring protection as well as improve your will-power and self control.

Polished Howlite (sold out) - A beautiful white and gray stone which will bring peace and calm to the wearer. 

Matte Lapis Lazuli - We love this stone for its ability to help you connect with your intuition and inner wisdom. The matte finish really highlights the gorgeous blue tones.

Faceted Garnet (sold out) - This specially created faceted Garnet bracelet is our special 2021 Holiday bracelet. This lovely deep red stone is connected to the heart chakra and perfect to gift to someone you love or to yourself to find more self love. 

These bracelets make wonderful gifts!